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Helena Espvall, Marcia Bassett


Label: Alt Vinyl

Format: LP

In stock


2010 Release. Alt.vinyl is pleased to be releasing this collaboration of two of the US’ free folk/ experimental luminaries Marcia Bassett from zaimph and double leopards on guitar and electronics...and Helena Espvall of espers on cello and electronics. A killer cut first recorded in Philly in late 2008 and now mixed specially for vinyl by patrick klem (the man behind many a 3 lobed release) and sounding like a knife wrapped in silk. Coruscating drifting harmonies that will appeal to the improv raga community echoing the early works of no neck blues band, sunroof, six organs and sunburned. Warm yet sharp, effortless and complex… Artwork by Derek Moench, Audio mastering by Patrick Klem.

Cat. number: av021
Year: 2014