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Fukuoka Rinji, Michel Henritzi

Le jardin bizarre

Label: An'Archives

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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CD comes in a silkscreened gatefold cover. Le Jardin Bizarre (the odd garden) is the follow up to the album 'Outside Darkness', released in 2011 by PSF. It is a hollow album, stretching out long rests in which a sticky melancholy, an infinite sadness amplifies itself. 6 tracks dark as so many gardens - gardens seen through night, 6 shades of black, 6 colours of silence. While 'Outside Darkness' appeared like a shadow cast over Fukushima, 'Le Jardin Bizarre' is it's elegy. Disquieting calligrams made of tight, feverish strings, guitar & violin, like black ink lines on a blank white page. Melodies as manifold as so many little pieces of night music, perforated by devouring rests, tunes dying in the echo. 'Le Jardin Bizarre' is an asphyxiated, modern blues album - Mono No Aware or the melancholy of our times.

Cat. number: An 06
Year: 2013

Limited edition of 300 copies
3 silkscreened panels with obi & insert