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Philip Corner, Daniele Lombardi

Le son des ténèbres

Label: A14

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

Art edition including an LP with the recordings at the Istituto  della Calcografia Nazionale in Rome of 2 world premiere compositions  by Philip Corner and Daniele Lombardi. Issued in 80 signed and numbered copies and including excerpts form the original scores.

    Philip Corner “Tenebres: Lesson&Light” (Studies in Shadow and  Light), learning from the dark the grand lesson of music. The darkest sound in musici s the tone-cluster. Approximation of the even denser  aggregates existent already in nature: roar of waterfall and bubbling  of cascade; boom of thunder; rustle of grasses and leale; winds; and
swish of the sea… At least as close as our tuning can get. The  smallest steps on our keyboard condense into compact masses of sound.  One could truly say that this black hole of a fatal musical attraction  will resolve all dissonances into themselves, even more completely. In  full accord with those presences in the outer world we so lovingly (or
not) like to call Noise!

    Daniele Lombardi “Le Son des Tènebres”, for prepared and amplified  piano with live electronics. The piece starts with a simple and quite short sound cluster which develops through micro-variations into an increasing complexity. In the very dense central part the sound materials loose their context after which a process of simplification
gradually brings us back to the initial sound cluster.

    Released by Emanuele Carcano for the publisher A14, very few  copies of this art multiple are exclusively available for distribution through alga marghen only.

Cat. number: A14-LP
Year: 2011

80 signed and numbered copies and including excerpts form the original scores

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