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Cecil Leuter , Spectacular Stereo Sounds

Les Sons Électroniques

Label: Creel Pone

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

… and we're back on track; Creel Pone here returning from a two-month hiatus with this superb collection of minimal bleepery from noted library music composer Cecil Leuter - aka Roger Roger - originally issued by the Neuilly label in 1971. This isn't exactly the funk & bleep fest of Leuter's recently reissued "Pop Électronique," instead a set of short, thematic pieces consisting of abstract electronics, gated vocals, rudimentary rhythm-box studies, and some inspired Sun Ra / Cecil Taylor lineage keyboard abuse.

Impressively distorted / Lo-Fi bursts - sounding like worn-down / pre-owned tape - followed directly by screaming high-end sweeps & gurgles; some of it is in the same ballpark as the Limelight-era Ruth White LPs production-wise, yet this has much more festive feeling to it. When I listen to this I imagine french teens sitting on shag carpets, melting their Johnny Hallyday singles in pots of boiling water upon discovering this alien future-music - but of course this was only distributed internally by Neuilly at the time & had to wait 35+ years for Mr. P.C. C.P. to come along and liberate these sounds from the collective unconscious.

Cat. number: CP 074 CD
Year: 2007