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Manuel Mota


Label: Headlights

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Limited edition of 100 copies. Another remarkable album by Manuel Mota, drawing out strands of 'strangely tuned' guitar sounds that wrap around her skeletal melody and then unfurl into more natural geometries to subliminal effect. You can listen to Mota's music from end-to-end over and over, discovering something new with each listen, gleaming with microscopic detail without ever neglecting its visceral, propulsive impact. Manuel Mota is known for the personal vocabulary he has developed for the guitar. His music draws inspiration from a multitude of references loosely rooted in the blues tradition to craft a sound which was highly regarded by Derek Bailey. Actual but transmitting an enigmatic sense of timelessness. The moment of creation-composition, and the instrumental execution-playing, are to him indistinct, and that's why he's usually considered an improviser. he studied and experimented with prepared guitar, creating music based on the drone, influenced by Phill Niblock and La Monte Young. Since approximately 1997 he got back to focus on playing guitar. His artistic activity has been mostly underground and that is an important cause for aspects that are inner part of his work-unadorned directness, simplicity of means and home-recording are notable examples on that.

Cat. number: CDH32
Year: 2020

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