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Lux Payllettes

Label: Entr'acte


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Turntablist and concrète composer eRikm is one of the more readily recognisable names contributing to the revelatory Entr'acte label, and his disc Lux Payllettes is a typically excellent work. Stretching out over a thirty-minute-plus duration, the Marseille-based composer cuts and layers a huge variety of sounds cultivated from the sonic idioms of Western cinema. A bracing and immersive collage of fractured soundtracks, dislocated foley work and strange re-combinations, Lux Payllettes comes highly recommended. The work is described by eRikm himself as follows: "With this piece, I have worked with the sound material of Western cinema in its many manifestations: from optical film sound to video tape, DVD and also with sounds that I have recorded in cinemas during projections. My interest in media perception was ostensibly in one's own relationship with the act of listening to motion picture sounds: its clichés, tensions, diminutions, sound effects, and the emerging emotional palettes. Yet Lux also reviews the process of one's identi­fication with certain actors or sections of the population, suggesting the potentially schizophrenic relationship with these projections." (Boomkat)
Cat. number: ENTR'ACTE 94
Year: 2010
Genre: Electronic
First edition of 300 copies.