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Stefan Goldmann and Sergey Rodionov

Meeting of the Spirits

Label: Schoolmap

Format: 7"

Genre: Sound Art

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‘Meeting of the Spirits’ is a collaboration by an unexpected pair: Stefan Goldmann, Berlin’s challenging conceptual techno artist meets Sergey Rodionov, one of Russia’s most prolific, yet often overlooked synth pioneers, as well as film score composer and teacher. They met while Goldmann visited Rostov-on-Don, Russia’s southern college town, for a performance and lecture. Exchanging experience and discussing approaches to the creation of electronic music with the students at Don State University, where Rodionov is professor of computer music, both were fascinated by each other’s work – the idea to consider collaborative work formed quickly.

Following an invitation by Milan’s Schoolmap label to contribute a 7” release, Goldmann suggested to exchange interpretations. Both would produce remixes or cover versions of key pieces from their respective catalogues, merging the qualities of the original with their own aesthetic views. It is a rare cross-stylistic achievement that induces new ideas into spheres that rarely interact. For this matter, Rodionov engages in clear-cut rhythmicity and Goldmann in resonating layers of microsound.

Rodionov covered Goldmann’s ‘The Bribe’ (Goldmann’s original appeared in 2007 on the 12” ‘Lunatic Fringe’ on the Macro label) in a mix of his signature film scoring approach with what appears to be a Russian analogy to cutting edge UK bass music. The opening section goes through an oddly tuned, almost oriental “Satz”, setting the stage for a rhythmically clearly articulated, “mechanical” part where ‘The Bribe’s’ original melody has been transposed to the bass register (and played with android Taiko drum sound). Little scraps of melody are weaved into the predominantly percussive fabric.


Goldmann’s remix of Rodionov’s main theme from the score to Vladimir Naumov’s late Soviet futuristic film ‘Solis Ardor’ from 1988 is built on a foundation of granular and chimey percussion against which Rodionov’s rich synth chords are dramatically set. The rhythms are developed in scattered, multi-phrased polymetric layers. The remix is separated into three movements, with the actual theme embedded in the middle.


Cat. number: school 9
Year: 2011
Vinyl  33 rpm 7″,  edition of 300 copies

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