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Giuseppe Ielasi


Label: Schoolmap

Format: Vinyl LP - 12

Genre: Experimental

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‘Stunt’ is the first in a series of three EP’s which represent an interesting stylistic departure from Ielasi’s previous work. The series is focused on the use of one turntable and a large selection of vinyl records as sources for raw material, and pulses/rhythm as main organisational principle. The basic sound material, in the form of short segments and loops or longer and more complex improvisations, was collected over the course of three months, using techniques influenced more by “turntablism”, than traditional sampling or plunderphonics. The raw sequences have then been edited and assembled in 6 tracks (more to follow…), whose structures are probably closer to house music productions than to Ielasi’s more atmospheric and layered compositons from his earlier releases. Stunt was mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Full color cover photo by Italian artist Amedeo Martegani.
Cat. number: school 4
Year: 2008