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Morendo Morendo - My Paris Is Called Colchester

Label: Mego

Format: LPx3

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**3LP edition of 300. All the 'pal trimmings** Itinerant radical computer musician Goodiepal presents a typically unfathomable slab of brilliance for Editions Mego. 'My Paris is Called Colchester' would appear to be Goodiepal's commission for IRCAM, Paris, mixed and recorded live during his annual show at Colchester Arts Centre. It's gotta be one of the most beguiling albums anyone will release in 2014. Across six sides Goodiepal follows a line of illest Nordic logic transporting us through the wires between hip hop, techno and tribal rhythms scrambled with strafing samples of dialogue ripped from fxxk knows where and suffused with dynamic ambient atmospheres and Goodiepal's irregular shouts outs to Colchester. Honestly, to go any further would be baiting madness; on one hand it could be considered psychotomimetic material, but more likely it's the work of our generation's most wayward, uncompromising musical provocateurs, arguably a John Cage for the computerised 21st century.

Cat. number: eMEGO 195
Year: 2014

Edition of 300.

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