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Giacinto Scelsi

Music for high winds

Label: Mode

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional Form

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"Ixor" (1956, for clarinet), "Suite" (1953, for flute + clarinet), "Pwyll" (1954, for flute), "Tre Pezzi" (1954, for Eb clarinet), "Rucke di Guck (1957, for Piccolo + oboe), "Preghiera per un' ombra (1954, for clarinet), "Ko-Lho" (1966, for flute + clarinet), "Three Latin Prayers" (1970, for Eb and A clarinet). "This recording presents pieces for woodwind instruments played solo or in duo. The majority date from the 50's, when Scelsi abandoned his classical and 12-tone training to undertake a relentless and solitary quest toward the interior of musical sound. The listener will notice elements such as conflicting harmonic centers, sustained notes, brief frenetic passages, tempo changes by section, and tremoli, that are reinforced by constant dynamic activity, to create a characteristically heady, non-static quality."
Cat. number: mode 102
Year: 2006

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