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Music For Laboratories - excerpt 1
Music For Laboratories - excerpt 2
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Music For Laboratories


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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**200 copies, tip!** Music For Laboratories is a project by Orlando Lostumbo - a Roman double bass player and composer - who, for this work, has chosen the moniker of Spheric. For the realization of Music For Laboratories, the artist has been inspired by his working environment, a research institute - the Istituto Superiore di Sanitá - where, for over thirty years, he has been working as an employee at the internal library, one of the most important in the biomedical field in Italy. The ongoing contact with scientists and researchers has given the artist the idea to create a sort of Ambient music for laboratories, looking for a line of continuity with the concept of "Music for Environments", born from the mind of the great musician Brian Eno, who created the masterpiece Music For Airports in 1978.

In this work Lostumbo uses electronic sounds, piano and - in some tracks - the double bass, deconstructing, superimposing and displacing the electronic and acoustic sounds, creating effects that lead to continuous processes of sound transformation within a 'circular' and 'mantric' music. His aim, through the use of overlapping loops, is to highlight the repetitiveness and circularity of the mechanisms of life but also, thanks to the manipulation of the original sounds, the destruction and deconstruction of matter that leads to a new birth. Everything in nature and life is formed and transformed, and this concept is expressed musically by the artist in this record that deals with topics such as DNA replication, spiral waves, diffraction, bacterial reproduction, etc.

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Year: 2020

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