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Primal Fictions - excerpt 1
Primal Fictions - excerpt 2
Primal Fictions - excerpt 3
Primal Fictions - excerpt 4
File under: DroneAbstractNoise

Daniel Menche

Primal Fictions (LP)

Label: Ferns Recordings

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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**200 copies** “Primal Fictions” may sound like the early work of a literary novelist, but words are not Daniel Menche's chosen form of expression - instead, sound and noise form the foundation of his 30 year dedication to abstract sonic exploration. “Primal Fictions” (LP) released by Ferns Recordings is a prime display of Menche’s unique approach to field recordings and electronic manipulation. An earthly marriage of the acoustic and electronic worlds, “Primal Fictions” is a stunning example of  Menche’s immersive and overwhelming music, one that invites the listener to become lost inside a vast sound forest.

Cat. number: frond_04
Year: 2020

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