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Daniel Menche

Terre Paroxysm

Label: Utech Records

Format: CD digipack deluxe

Genre: Electronic

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Terre Paroxysm is Daniel Menche's second release for Utech Records and a continuation in his bringing back the vehement nature of sound. A pure acoustic-electronic recording of storms: wind, ice and rain. The field recordings were captured by Menche and densely mixed and treated in a manner to create a sense of the earth sleeping then cracking open with violent emotion. An air of electronics crackles and slides around the storm recordings in a way that only can be described as acoustic-electro. Terre Paroxysm roars and cries with the organic sound only Menche can evoke. Photograph by Christopher Colville. Edition of 500.
Cat. number: URCD054
Year: 2010

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