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Various Artists

Music Will Ruin Everything (Book + 3CD)

Label: Sub Jam

Format: Book + 3CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock


*300 copies limited edition* "the very reason i initiated this project was vanished in time. however, it’s not very long time since it has suspending into this “physical object is dying” and “society is dying” situation. and it’s long enough to coming back with ideas of “connecting objects and bodies over language” and “connecting an outer territory”. so i have diving back to the files again, starting editing and translating, inviting few more physical entities and fortunately yihao joined as designer at this perfect moment. the way this project runs is very simple: i show my friends this sentence “music will ruin everything” then ask them to contribute audio track and text or images. i tried my best to show it while we meet physically. but some were sent by emails, exceptionally. there is no rules and no clue. i don’t explain why this title because i have no idea what it means.

this title was popped up out of blue in 2015. there is some common dramatic formulas such as “you ruined everything” or so. but here i had no problem with music or anything. i started to think why it makes me so exciting? no answer even after the most strict self investigation into logic and sensibility. maybe i was simply grabbed by things that have no name, goes no direction or unable to be understood, as long as they exist. and they do. so here my friends reacted to this sentence. some might have not reacted to it at all. after all we made this book with cds to be delivered, touched and sensed. and of course wore by time.
and you may wonder why these artists. there must be some reasons but it’s difficult to explain (especially with my stupid chinglish). and maybe it has a kind of autobiographic cosmic origin (if i looking inside to my self). i can say it’s not about a school, not a new school nor an old one. some of these artists may be put into the box of “sound artist” and some are labeled “improviser”, or “conceptual artist”, while few even haven’t contributed what they usually doing. and for sure nowadays people really have different definitions on same terms such as “improviser”. even the artists themselves. for me what these people doing is a huge cluster of mass such as constellation. they are connected and growing. there are much more alikes surrounding them. the way they are connected is more important than their works. if you dig more on any one of them, you will find its own genealogy of sense and mind. which i have spent years to following and enjoying.

even in the simplest sense, listening to the audio works themselves, it’s yet not possible to summary these sounds and their structures into “sound materialism” or “pure sensibility” or “returning of subjectivity” or “selflessness in mechanical improvisation and subjective field recording” or anything else easily. these images and text made the attempt of summarizing more complex in most cases. but at same time they are more out of focus in a good sense as focus itself is an ever moving and forming phenomenon.

as editor, the way i listening to these works is trying my best to following sensitivity and then see my sensitivity as an ever modeling object. i ask myself what is modeling it. and what is modeling the historical (and yet on-going) genres, terms, reactions and attitudes. yes compiling and editing is a historical action. but we ruin history after all, anyway. there must be something facing the living situation/politics/language/perception all together through these sounds and people. and each of them has own concrete method or language to work on this old, common, almost universal thing.
so pls, you make it anything and everything.
thanx everybody who participate this project ! you have ruined some parts of me." - Yan Jun

Cat. number: m004
Year: 2020

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