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Negative Freedom - excerpt 1
Negative Freedom - excerpt 2
Negative Freedom - excerpt 3
Negative Freedom - excerpt 4

Dan Melchior

Negative Freedom (LP)

Label: In The Red

Format: LP

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Recorded in Philadelphia in late 2016, Negative Freedom encapsulates the moment when the horrible truth was just beginning to sink in. “Everything got broken while I was looking the other way” sings Dan Melchior on the title track and perhaps that’s a relatable sentiment. Elsewhere Melchior’s ever-withering gaze settles on prima donna self-googlers in They Insulted Me In Mojo and self-serving promoters get their own anthem in A Nice Holiday — ”Be careful of enthusiasts who want you to play their island” sings Melchior, with a sense of weary experience that makes the song seem like it might just be autobiographical. The rhythm section on this recording consists of two former members of Taiwan Housing Project (Adam Charles Cooper on bass and Pat Ganley on drums). They manage to lay down a solid but decidedly streamlined groove that perfectly compliments the songs. This Is One utilizes a re-discovered drum track laid down by the legendary Letha Rodman Melchior to great effect.

Cat. number: ITR327LP
Year: 2019
Genre: Psych