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Neu! Deluxe Vinyl Boxset


Format: Vinyl LPx5

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Very special limited edition vinyl boxset containing 4 vinyl LPs & 1 vinyl EP-single (Original studio albums 'NEU!', 'NEU! 2', 'NEU! '75' and for the first time, an official release of 'NEU! '86' plus 'NEU! '72' - a previously unreleased live maxi-single 20 minutes). A 36-page picture book and NEU! stencil. Neu! have to be one of the most influential Krautrock bands of their era. The duo, comprising the late Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother initially cut their teeth in Kraftwerk before investigating a defintive route with the pared down set-up of drums and guitar with tape and studio processing. Gronland give the legendary group some serious attention with this boxset, including their three seminal studio albums - 'Neu!', 'Neu! 2', and 'Neu! '75', plus the previously unreleased 'Neu! 86' and the 18-minute live maxi-single 'Neu! '72'. Oh yeah, and there's a download code for all those tracks (redeemable direct from the label), and a 36 page book featuring Neu! photos from Anton Corbijn and Peter Lindbergh. Just sitting here looking at, we're dazzled. It's an impressively colossal beast of a box (weighing almost 3 kilos) containing some even more impressive music. 1972's 'Neu!' was a shocking introduction for the band, setting their agenda of driving, motorik music heavily reliant on near-tribalist rhythms and warped with mind bending tape noises, eschewing UK & US prog frivolity for a far more direct future thrust. Due to some mismanagement of their advance for the follow-up, Neu! would predate remix culture on 'Neu! 2', manipulating tracks they had already recorded onto 16 and 78rpm with a freeform and healthily innovative approach enhanced by the presence of producer Conny Plank. This resulted in some of their maddest tracks like the sludgy dirge of 'Super 16' (referentially used by Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill) among other unhinged experiments. 'Neu '75' was to be their final album together, displaying a dichotomy in their tastes where Dinger's ambient inclinations would occupy the A-side and Rother's motorik leanings exercised on the flip. These three LPs have been hailed by a list of heads from Julian Cope to David Bowie and Brian Eno as hugely influential. 'Neu! '86' is considered to be their worst effort, but still contains some interesting moments like Dinger's collage '86 Commercial Trash', while the 18 minute single, recorded at the peak of their powers, is one of the best reasons to invest in this set. Basically, the worlds of pop, rock and dance music owe a great deal to these records and that easily justifies the hefty asking price. Limited Edition!
Year: 2010