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Loren Connors

Night through. Singles and collected works, 1976-2004

Label: Family Vineyard

Format: 3-CDs

Genre: Experimental

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Reissue. Essential 3xCD collection of Singles by New York City guitarist Loren (nee MazzaCane) Connors, one of America's most unique and challenging voices. Night through.spans four decades of Connors' recordings from the earliest acoustic session and first solo 7 - Ribbon o' Blues on St. Joan - to rare Singles issued by Table of the Elements, Road Cone, Father Yod, Menlo Park, Gyttja, Union Pole, and others, to his late 90s band Haunted House and recent acoustic recordings. Overall, three and half hours of music: 12 7 Singles, private CDR releases, collaborations with Suzanne Langille, Robert Crotty, and Haunted House, compilation appearances, and 22 unreleased pieces including a 1959 recording by Connors' mother Mary Mazzacane. 24 page color booklet contains detailed notes and cover art for each single, never before seen photographs, an essay by renowned blues scholar Dr. William Ferris and commentary from Connors, Langille, Road Cone's Mike Hinds and others. Remastered from the original tapes by Jim O'Rourke.
Cat. number: FV36
Year: 2006

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