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Label: 13

Format: CD + book

In stock


'Popsongs' is the new project by Underthesnow. A collection of thoughts and sounds about pop. The cd is attached to a 40 pages 8" booklet that includes eleven collages by Stefano Gentile, two exclusive drawings by Massimo Giacon, an exclusive card designed by Lapo Belmestieri and writings (in Italian and English language) by Vittore Baroni, Manuel Gentile, Paolo Cesaretti and Marco Pandin.

Under The Snow is Gianluca Favaron: fields recordings, objects, mics, tapes, synth, analog and digital effects. Stefano Gentile: fields recordings + Anacleto Vitolo: additional cymbals on Popsong nr 1. Simone Olivi: additional field recordings on Popsong nr 2

Cat. number: sps1619
Year: 2017

Limited edition of 280 copies.