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Prime radiant


Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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'Prime Radiant' is noise as a spray of blood-red roses, a vast wash of colour concealing six inch thorns. Kazuyuki Kishino has been at the forefront of the Japanese noise scene for over 20 years, both as guitarist/leader of extremist sludge rockers Zeni Geva and as a solo artist exploring the outer territories of electronica. Along with Masonna and Merzbow, he is part of a trinity of noisemakers whose work seems to operate at the very limits of human endurance. Like theirs, Null's work transcends its surface violence and reveals something rich and strange at its core. What makes this montage of live and studio work marginally less forbidding than usual is its abrupt change of mood and texture; rather than pummelling an idea into the dust, he covers a lot of sonic ground here, albeit a terrain of savagely blasted extremes. Kishino has said that he tries to imagine through his work what music from other galaxies might sound like. If the little green men are all listening to this stuff for fun, 'Prime Radiant' is a scary prospect for sure.
Cat. number: BN 004
Year: 2005

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