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Primitive electronics brain dance - excerpt

Biblioteq Mdulair

Primitive Electronics Brain Dance (Lp)

Label: Aussenraum

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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Biblioteq Mdulair is an orchestra made of some 15 analogue function generators played by Swiss based artists Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz. In their concerts they often collaborate with the analogue modular video synthesizer SYNKIE creating a total audiovisual symbiosis with dozens of CTR televisions. This first release is a live performance recorded at Cinéma Nova in Brussels (Belgium): a hypnotic ambient noise evolving towards a magma of colliding frequencies growing in intensity with an acid beat climax. The music constructs itself before a dripping decomposition from a telluric harsh noise landing down to a soft stroll under a light rain.
Cat. number: ARLP010
Year: 2018