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Matthew Hopkins

G.R/S.S (Lp)

Label: Aussenraum

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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A full length LP by the eminent Australian sound artist Matthew P Hopkins. The first side "The Gallery Rounds" consists of three pieces which were assembled from field recordings made at various art galleries, museums, and other institutional buildings. The raw materials captured at these sites was not focused on particular artists, or kinds of artwork, but rather, on various unintentional combinations: outside traffic and construction work blending with the sounds of videos and kinetic sculptures; human activity and the sounds of the buildings themselves merging with performances, artist talks and lectures, and various other exterior intrusions into designated spaces of culture. The idea was to present an audio diary from the perspective of the listener/viewer, the consumer of culture, that hopefully reflects something about the nature of this consumption: sometimes engaging, occasionally confusing, and often tedious. "Scratchy Sentence" is a piece that was arranged from recordings made at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS) over several sessions throughout 2016. Some sort of electronic, scratchy dialogue between human and non-human.
Cat. number: ARLP009
Year: 2018

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