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Linda Aubry Bullock

Ray of dark

Label: Sedimental

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Debut release from Linda Aubry Bullock, a long-time fixture on the Boston-area experimental music scene through her various groups (including, not mentioned below, the please, a trio with Hubby Mike Bullock & Brendan Murray) ...

 This set’s a neat mix of throbbing industrial electronics & sound-art-lineage mood pieces (such as the vibrating-plate mechanics of the segment in the sound-sample) all played by a revolving quartet including Linda, Mike, Eric “Rambutan” Hardiman (proprietor of the excellent tape Drift Imprint) & Ray Hare (part of the ongoing burnt Hills group, along with Eric) all recorded in a mix of close-mic’ed and distant room-tone fidelities that recall this heat’s “cold storage” era experiments ...

Cat. number: SEDCD056
Year: 2010

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