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The Weird Weeds

The Weird Weeds

Label: Sedimental

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

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"The album's arc from patience to brightness is as natural as an orbiting planet, but Weird Weeds do that one better at the end, stuffing a miniature solar system into one seven-minute track. True to form, this closing piece builds intensity not through change but momentum, starting with a four-note guitar figure and slowly adding accents and atmosphere...What matters most about The Weird Weeds is how it furthers this band's stature as the kind that others should be compared to." - Pitchfork 

 "Weird Weeds have pulled off a trick that only the best of bands can achieve – to move beyond genre and into a pure artistic expression of the highest order. They’ve also managed to craft something that deftly balances accessibility and challenge. In so doing, they have created a record that can (and should) be enjoyed by all, regardless of genre allegiance. Record of the year so far? Easily." - Foxy Digitalis 

 "...a mesmerizing balance of carefully distilled repetition and movement." - Austin Chronicle 

 "...a meditative reverence rings throughout the album’s brutal dissection as bright guitars ring melodically true with a constant contemplative restraint...Weird Weeds creates music to be experienced and not just build-ups toward pay-offs." - Esoterrorist


Cat. number: SEDLP060
Year: 2012

released 01 June 2012. 

Written and performed by The Weird Weeds (with John Dieterich - guitar on track 5) - Recorded by Stephen Orsak - Mixed and mastered by John Dieterich - Artwork layout by Dan Grissom.

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