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Olivia Block

Heave to

Label: Sedimental

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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'Olivia block's 'Heave To' is her fourth full release under her own name (her first two are on sedimental, the most recent on jason kahn's cut label) and marks both a new maturity in her compositional prowess and also a new confidence. 'Heave To', a composition in three movements, is an investigation into the deep structures of maelstroms. A roiling mixture of crashing waves and wind, jagged strings, clanging metal, complex electronic textures, and clusters of chamber instruments. In our opinion this is her strongest work since her debut, 'Pure Gaze'.Heave To (Part 1), Heave To (Part 2) Make the Land . All composed by olivia block, 2003-2006. olivia block  (cello), Jared Brewer (trumpet), Kyle Bruckmann (oboe), Jerome Bryerton (percussion), Jonathan Chen (violin,) Edgar Campos (trumpet), Mark Fry (trombone), Marcie Gurnow (clarinet), Jay Heltzer (bass trombone), Jen Claire Paulsen (viola) and Sunshine Simmons (bass clarinet). Recorded at Experimental Sound Studio and others in Chicago. Tracks 1 and 2 mastered by Xopher Davidson at Mixture151, San Leandro, California. Field material collected in Hawaii, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Illinois.'
Cat. number: sedcd 044
Year: 2005
Composed by Olivia Block, 2003-2006

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