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Alan Courtis

Antiguos Dolmenes del Paleolitico

Label: Sedimental

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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“Antiguos Dólmenes del Paleolítico (“Ancient Palaeolithic Dolmens”) is a composition in four parts created exclusively with processed no-input feedback and inspired by these stone monuments. It was created in early 2004 and is the first full-length solo CD from Argentinian composer Alan Courtis, a founding member of the group Reynols. Courtis currently lives in Buenos Aires, and has toured extensively in USA, Europe, Japan & Latin America collaborating with artists such as: Pauline Oliveros, Damo Suzuki, Toshimaru Nakamura, Makoto Kawabata, K.K. Null, Rick Bishop, Thomas Dimuzio, Jason Kahn, Solid Eye, Birchville Cat Motel and Lasse Marhaug. Recorded and mixed in Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina. January-March 2004.Technical equipment employed : Phonic 1002ª Mixing Desk,Art SGX LT Effects Processor, Digitech RP6 Effects Processor, DOD FX55B Supradistortion, Tascam 424, PC (Wavelab). (No microphones, instruments or inputs of any kind were employed in this project)”
Cat. number: sedcd 042
Year: 2005

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