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Black Forest Fire

Transit of Venus

Label: Sedimental

Format: Vinyl LP

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Housed in a full-color gatefold sleeve that\'s truly worthy of finding it\'s way onto some kind of \"album art of the year\" list.Sedimental deviates from its carefully fostered experimental music identity to release the debut of this Austin based trio. Given the quality of the songs, the simplicity and clarity of the musicianship, and the pedigree of the musicians themselves it was a rather easy and natural decision, not to mention indulging our own personal, highly eclectic tastes in the process. With its hypnotic drumming, driving bass, boy/girl dream-pop vocals, and chiming arpeggiated guitars building to swirling blasts of distorted reverb, Transit of Venus is a woefully beautiful and darkly powerful sonic commentary on a modern world gone mad.

Cat. number: sedlp059
Year: 2012

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