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Dobbel W - excerpt
Garde - excerpt

Red Brut

Red Brut (Lp)

Label: KRAAK

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Red Brut is the moniker of Marijn Verbiesen (part of Sweat Tongue and JSCA). As Red Brut she is isolated, displaying a highly talented ear for day-to-day sounds, musique concréte composition and spontaneous sound collage. The KRAAK record series — documenting off-stream’s currents — presents her self-titled debut, recorded at home and re-arranged in the come-down of an immersive tour in Japan. The 7 chapters document an intuitive and reflective journey through sensitive amateurism and hi-end musique concréte. The main instruments are cassettes, but unlike the continuous strain of post-noise releases, Verbiesen’s music is highly personal, subtile and displays an ever curious and astonished mind. Sounds of gaming interwave with brutal synth oscillations, melancholic melodies and sensual-absent poetry from the aether. Although rooted in the sinister absurdism of early 2000 experimentalism, her music embraces and redefines the concept of ‘music of the universe’, coined by John Cage, Daphne Oram and alikes. This stand-out record is a sketchbook documenting a wide array of obscured emotions. It unveils the inner soul of a highly talented and unique voice in avant-garde tape music.
Cat. number: K096
Year: 2018

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