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Ilya Monosov

Sailor Man

Label: Holy Mountain

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

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Utterances into a dictophone from a backdoor man hiding in the closet as the husband arrives home. The tales plod along in whispers, accompanied by defined guitar interplay, punctuated piano and snappy drums. Nearly every accent of guitar seems present. Fragile flamenco plucks, fuzz-to-the-front fumblings onto smooth lyrics of a detective attempting to resolve his own crimes. Vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded by Greg Weeks. The arrangements, instrumentation and production were lovingly handled by Jonathan Wilson. Ilya Monosov is a member of Shining Path and Monosov/Swirnoff duo. While those musics were often meant to be visceral and joyous, Sailor Man presents whispers from one person to another, ruminative meditations on loss of places and people. Comes with download card.

Cat. number: 1982LP
Year: 2011

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