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Jorge Antunes

Savage songs

Label: Pogus Productions

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Jorge Antunes (b. 1942, Rio de Janeiro) studied violin, composition and conducting at the University of Rio de Janeiro, as well as studying physics at the same institution. He further studied composition with Alberto Ginastera and Luis de Pablo. From 1970-71 he attended the University of Utrecht (Gotfried M. Koenig). From 1972-73 he worked with Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris. In 1962 he began his research in electronic music thus becoming a pioneer in the development of this field in Brazil. He is the director of the Electronic Music Laboratory and the conductor of Orquestra da Universidade de Brasilia. This CD is bursting with examples of very enjoyable early sound art from Brazil and the pioneer Jorge Antunes. It’s like visiting the studios of Gottfried Michael Koenig of Henri Pousseur again – but way down in South America.Jorge Antunes (b.1942) from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil started out studying violin, composition and also conducting at the University of Rio de Janeiro. He also simultaneously studied physics. He went on to study composition with Alberto Ginastera and Luis de Pablo. 1970 – 71 he attended studies with Gottfried Michael Koenig in Utrecht and then he spent two years at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris. He had already in 1962 begun his research into electronic music.

Cat. number: Pogus 21027
Year: 2004

Pequena Peça para Mi bequadro e Harmônicos (Short Piece for E Natural and Harmonics) composed between October and November 1961
Valsa Sideral (Sideral Waltz) composed in 1962
Música para Varreduras de Freqüências (Music for Frequency Sweepings) produced in 1963
Fluxo Luminoso para Sons Brancos I (Luminous Flow for White Sounds I) realized in 1964
Contrapunctus contra Contrapunctus (Contrapunctus versus Contrapunctus) composed in 1965
Três Estudos Cromofônicos (Three Chromophonic Studies) composed in 1966
Canto Selvagem (Savage Song) produced in 1967
Movimento Browniano (Brownian Movement) produced in 1968
Canto do Pedreiro (Mason's Song) produced in 1968
Cinta Cita (1969)
Auto-Retrato sobre Paisaje Porteño (1969/70)
Historia de Un Pueblo por Nacer or Carta Abierta a Vassili Vasilikos y a todos los Pesimistas composed in 1970

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