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Basil Kirchin

Silicon Chip

Label: Trunk

Format: 7''

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

"So, who knew that Basil Kirchin - the ‘father of ambient music’ and a big influence on Brian Eno and Nurse With Wound - also recorded some freaky electro and disco zingers?! Patently Trunk did, and now cough up these tiny wonders from the pioneering artist behind seminal slabs such as Abstractions Of The Industrial North and Quantum. Far as we can tell, with thanks to Google and YouTube user Bernie Dolman, who claims to play bass on the track, Silicon Chip was written and produced by Kirchin, and recorded at the Fairview Recording Studio in Willerby, Hull c.1979-80, engineered by Roy Nieve. It’s terrifically funky lil’ number, sounding far more like it came from Paris or New York than ‘ull in the late ‘70s when TG were probably still booting around, harassing pigeons and such. We’re not sure what market he was aiming for, then - library or disco? - but the results stand out as one of the slickest, spaced out dance trax we’ve heard from UK during that era. We could say the same about Silicon Sessions, but it’s not really a full track, per se, more like a collection of half-finished stems, which, if they were combined into track, would be one of the maddest of its time. Somebody really needs to get their razor and tape out on this!



Cat. number: TTT010
Year: 2016