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Sonic Youth

Slaapkamers Met Slagroom

Label: Sonic Youth Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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The Dutch title that literally translates to "Bedrooms with Whipped Cream" and harkens back to the band's experimental days. On three tracks spread over 28 minutes, Sonic Youth work out extended, hypnotic themes for non-existent psychological case studies. The title track, the longest of the three "songs" included here, opens with a swirl of sound before eventually settling into a 17 minute cavalcade of guitar effects overlaying a particularly "in-your-face" drum sound. The results are simultaneously ambient,aggressive and quite affecting. 'Stil' is another seven minutes of guitar effects and percussion suggesting, at times, the sound of wind chimes caught in the vapour trail of guitars feedback. 'Herinneringen' ("Memory" in Dutch) is, at three and a half minutes, both the shortest and least successful track. The music here is very subdued, and is buried beneath an apparently ad-libbed vocal performance by Kim Gordon. That cut notwithstanding, the first two tracks alone would been worth the price of admission.
Cat. number: SYR 2
Year: 1997

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