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Sonic Youth, The Ex

In The Fishtank



Genre: Experimental

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Another installment of Konkurrent's fantastic series which invites bands to record while touring Holland, giving 2 days to record 20-30 min of whatever they want. In June 2001 SY played the Holland Festival. For their studio time they invited the Dutch ICP-jazzers HAN BEENICK, AB BEARS & WOLTER WIERBOS, plus LUC & TERRIE of THE legendary EX! In one day they recorded these delicate, abstract & elusive miniatures that fit in the jazz tradition rather than pop music, based on sounds, instant composing & fantasy, as if the music went out on a stroll without a specific direction, open for surprises & unexpected turns. Toss in JIM O'ROURKE on the recording & you've got yourself an exciting autumn treasure!
Cat. number: In The Fishtank 9
Year: 2001

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