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Eric La Casa



Format: CD

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Three compositions made for films.

1 – 4 . A grammar for listening  2

From Luke Fowler's 16mm film “A grammar for listening part 2”, 2009.

All sounds recorded in Paris, and Glasgow.

5 . A Hemero Phaestos 2 
From Christian Jaccard's video “A Hemero Phaestos”, 2013.   
All sounds recorded in the Foundery Susse, Ivry

6 – 8 . Polymères 2
From Marie-Christine Navarro’s drama “Ce pays qui s'appelle Tane”, 2012.
With organ recordings (composed and recorded by Jean-Luc Guionnet)

Eric La Casa says about his practice: "For twenty years, my musical practice has been a series of experimentations / improvisations with my sonic locale. As it passes through my microphones, the site of the survey – everyday life – is transformed into a site of play. The dimensions of the real world generate sonic representations whose proportions found another perspective on the world."

Cat. number: concrete 1502
Year: 2015
Genre: Electronic