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Spirit Of The Positive Wind

Label: Smeraldina-Rima

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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featuring Brian Sullivan & Nate Nelson (Mouthus), Pete Nolan (Magik Markers, Spectre Folk) and Karl Bauer (Axolotl). The LP features two side-long tracks of bubbling, meandering noise-drone collages. "What the hell is this madness? After the Georgia Sea Island Singers took me somewhere nice it’s up to this super-group to drag me back to the fierce, nightmarish industrial landscape from whence I came. Then again this isn’t the sound of Bradford. I don’t know what it’s the sound of actually but it sounds wildly interesting. Over the course of the ‘X’ side you get an undercurrent of gloopy alien smudge, an evil, thin grimace of guitar feedback, random electronic wah-wah and a palpable sense of inebriated dread. There is some ambient interlude kind of thing at one point but even that sounds drugged up to eyeballs and rather menacing. The ‘Wind’ side has the sleepiest take on rumbling, stumbling industrial ambient improv I've heard in a while before it suddenly explodes into a maelstrom of white-hot psychedelic squall and frenzied noise which has Mikey rightfully ambling over for a curious look. If you dig Skullflower this portion will totally tear you a new one. I really, really like the places this record takes me (in parts!) although I feel like I'll never be able to walk straight again when I get up. This is some of the murkiest, strangest music I’ve heard in some time and with Magik Markers, Mouthus and Axolotl alumni involved it’s not surprising. The delightfully splodgy colourful mess on the sleeve kind of sums up the spirit of this sonically abrasive, albeit fascinating journey." Normann Records
Cat. number: R-S015
Year: 2011
Limited edition of 300 copies.