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Nate Wooley


Label: Smeraldina-Rima


Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

RESTOCKED: Last copies, reduced price...Everyone's well into big circles at the moment. Check the new Autechre album, Sunn's Monoliths and Dimensions, that No Age 12" and now this. Circles are pretty cool I guess, but personally I'm more diggin' the net form of the dodecahedron at the moment. What this guy's doing reminds me a wee bit of Florian Hecker, albeit with a completely different tool set. Here he spends half the LP exploring the pure sound capabilities of the trumpet in a series of crazy toots which'll have you baffled with disbelief and wide-eyed with wonder at what he's managing to generate. The other half has him fiddling with an amp as it begs for sweet mercy. As a listening experience this comes off more as an exploratory noise record than anything else as the beauty of it is in the discovery of, and envelopment in, surprising and original sounds. No bad thing as far as I'm concerned but don't go jumping in expecting to be whistling along..
Cat. number: S-R011 4
Year: 2010

Side A recorded at The Convent, Jersey City, NJ, on August 8 2007.
Side B recorded at IBeam Studios, Brooklyn, NY, on april 24 2009.

Special Thanks to Levi and Wouter, Jeremiah, Hell and Bunny, and Shanda.

Edition of 496 handnumbered copies.