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Niels Van Heertum

JK's Kamer +50.92509° +03.84800°

Label: Smeraldina-Rima

Format: LP + CD bonus

Genre: Experimental

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At +50.92509° latitude and +03.84800° longtitude Niels Van Heertum recorded his first solo record, in the familiar warmth of his living room in a windmill in the East of Flanders. On the one hand the record explores the sonic possibilities of the euphonium, tuba and trumpet. On the other hand it creates a place without haste. Pure intervals are superposed and moved in order to avoid tension and agitation. Meanwhile the amplified horns circle around the rounded windmill room forming a dense woven web of sound.Niels Van Heertum makes music of many sorts: he was co‐founder of the improvisation collective Ifa y Xango, is a member of Linus + Økland/Van Heertum and granvat’s Book of Air: vvolk, and plays with Chantal Acda, Norberto Lobo’s Oba Loba and En avant, marche! a theater piece by Alain Platel, among other things.

Cat. number: Smeraldina-Rima 31
Year: 2016

LP version of this album, comes packed in an offset discosleeve, a three colour screen printed open sleeve, and a screen printed PVC outer sleeve. Edition of 400. Includes complimentary CD of the album

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