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Nurse With Wound

stereo wasteland

Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Steven Stapleton's project, Nurse With Wound, harked back to the satirical and iconoclastic experiments of Dadaism and Futurism. His early, formative works (frequently shared with David Tibet of Current 93), such as Homotopy To Marie (1982) and Sylvie And Babs (1985), were similar in spirit to the Fugs' Virgin Forest, to Frank Zappa's breakneck operettas and to the Residents' multiform suites. His art of the collage turned decidedly cacophonous with works such as the EPs Gyllenskold (1984) and Brained By Falling Masonry (1984), but achieved a sort of "classicism" on the album Spiral Insana (1986). Later works would veer towards a type of ambient music akin to the static, buzzing pieces of minimalist composers such as LaMonte Young and Alvin Lucier. This CD (HARD TO FIND) is a collection of music aldebris from the original 'Who can I Turn To Stereo Sessions' . Stereo Wastelands (Beta-lactam Ring, 2007).
Cat. number: mt065b
Year: 2008

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