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Stockholm Elektronmusikfestival 1982

Label: Fylkingen Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Original LP from 1982. "Since 1979, the Swedish Radio Company and the Stockholm Electronic Music Studio (EMS) have arranged an annual 3-day Stockholm Electonic Musik Festival. It's purpose is to present a sample of the electronic music being composed in different parts of the world. This record contains four works from the 1980 festival - two are Swedish and two are international; two are for tape and two combine tape with live performance." Lars-Gunnar Bodin: Epilogue; rhapsodie de la seconde recolte; Sven-Erik Bäck: Annus Solaris; Charles Dodge: Any resemblance is purely coincidental; John Melby: Concert for violin and tape.

Cat. number: FYLP 1025
Year: 1982

In October 1982 a festival for electronic music was arranged cooperatively by the Swedish Radio Company, Electronic Music Studio(EMS) and the Culture House in Stockholm for the fourth consecutive year. The festival which was held in the concert hall of the Culture House included works for tape alone, instruments and tape, live electronics and text-sound composition. As in previous years, both recent and older works of Swedish and international composers were presented at the three well-attended concerts.

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