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Manolo DeBadajoz - Danza Mora


Take A Knife And Open My Heart (LP + CD)

Label: Sound Miracle

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

In stock

Sound Miracle Recordings presents a collection of thirteen ancient pieces of primitive flamenco music from the 1930s onwards. Flamenco music has been admired throughout the world for centuries. Fascinating unique, esoteric and mysterious, alloy of fire and witchcraft. Flamenco is much more than that. It has something of folk, something of sacred music, something of "blues": it is a unique music in the world, born of many factors and opposite and antagonistic elements, like its country of origin. And like other traditions, it's not just music, it's a way of life. This compilation also brings us echoes of that way of life and aromas of places that today seem distant galaxies. For the connoisseur, names like La Niña de los Peines, Manuel Torre, Aurelio, Carmen Amaya, and others will make your mouth water. As if that were not enough, underground gents such as Sarita Heredia and Pericón de Cádiz coexist side by side with these great historical names. Bearing in mind that they can never be all they are in one single disc; the selection of voices is exquisite: from the acute of Manuel Vallejo to the wounding of Angelillo or Manolo Caracol, and everything that fits in between. This compilation shows some of the earliest examples of Flamenco music recorded, brutal and exciting music that easily combines the known and the darkest, more accessible and attractive for the audience that is approaching for the first time. Also includes tracks by Juan Varea, Antonio Rengel, Estrellita Castro and Niña De La Puebla. Presented on audiophile transparent clear vinyl with a CD included; fully remastered with detailed liner notes.
Cat. number: SSMM001LP
Year: 2018

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