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Test Pressing II - excerpt 1
Test Pressing II - excerpt 2
Test Pressing II - excerpt 3
Test Pressing II - excerpt 4


Test Pressing II (LP)

Label: Muscut

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**300 copies** Ukrainian label Muscut celebrates its anniversary with "Test Pressing II", its tenth record. The first release, "Test Pressing", was published in 2012 on 7". Like six years ago, the current title is a compilation of Muscut's resident producers, as well as new friends of the label. "Test Pressing II" is a 12" on which there are exactly ten tracks; both sides are significantly different in the color of their mood. The compilation starts with dub-drone sketches from key figures in the Odessa underground Wildstyle Crew and Bryozone. Then comes the mantra-like "M2" - the work of the creative union of Nicola Ratti and Mads Emil Nielsen together with Nikolaenko. The Canadian sound-artist Mark Templeton continues the line of rhythmic textures crowned with unhurried percussion on his "Soft Education". The first side is completed by an exquisite curtsy from Andrew Pekler, "Underwater Nocturne", a soundtrack for the perfect tea ceremony. The second side confidently sets a completely different compilation rhythm from the very start; the tribal dance from the Berlin project Native Instrument instantly introduces a trance. It is followed by a warm, enveloping minimal synth track from the Ukrainian trio Nisantashi Primary School. The middle of the second side is decorated with the pensive house-ballad of St. Petersburg producer Fadeev, working as AEM Rhythm Cascade. Another Russian has settled next to him, Muscovite Oleg Buyanov, aka OL, with the massive broken dub "Nutmeg". The final composition consists of burning Afro-synth motifs from luminary Odessan Vakula.
Cat. number: Muscut 10
Year: 2018

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