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The Last Moments Of 1923 - extr 1
The Last Moments Of 1923 - extr 2


The Last Moments Of 1923

Label: Klanggalerie

Format: CD

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Konstruktivists was formed by Glenn Michael Wallis in 1982 out of the ashes of Heute, a kraut rock influenced trio using electronics as well as conventional guitars and bass. Around this time -- in the late 70's/early 80's Glenn Michael Wallis was heavily involved with Throbbing Gristle, the U.K. pioneers of 'Industrial'. The first Konstruktivists vinyl album A Dissembly was issued in 1983. This was quickly followed by their seminal LP Psykho Genetika after signing to the newly-formed Third Mind records. At this point Glenn also moonlighted as a part-time member of Whitehouse -- playing live with them in several countries and participating on their LP Great White Death. The Last Moments Of 1923 is often overlooked as it came out as a cassette only in 1982 on the Flowmotion label. It is in fact though the band's first album and remains until today Glenn Wallis's favourite Konstruktivists recording of all time. It shakes off all Krautrock influences (that came back on A Dissembly) and is a purely electronic composition that is meant to be a soundtrack to the 1923 era of Soviet Russia. A very spaced out, ambient recording that finally sees the light of day on CD. Remastered by Konstruktivists member Mark Crumby for this release
Cat. number: GG 246
Year: 2018
Genre: Noise

Recorded and directed at IPS Studios Oktober 1982.