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Colin Potter, Edward Ka-Spel, Steven Stapleton

The Man Who Floated Away (Lp)

Label: Bisou

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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For the first time together, author, vocalist and keyboard player Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots, Tear Garden) and sound collage wizard Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound) offer us a 19 plus minute long piece called The Man Who Floated Away, composed and recorded in 2017. On the other side, the master of drone Colin Potter (Nurse With Wound, Monos) and french free sax player Quentin Rollet (guest with The Red Krayola, Nurse With Wound, Mendelson, David Grubbs, DRAME …) present a long suite called The Closer You Are To The Center, The Further You Are From The Edge their first collaboration ever, recorded in London in 2012, with special guest Isabelle Magnon on piano.

Cat. number: BIS-006
Year: 2018

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