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Giacinto Scelsi

The Piano Works 1

Label: Mode

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional Form

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Performed by Louise Bessette (piano). "This marks not only the first volume in Mode's new Scelsi edition, but also the initial disc of the traversal of his piano works. Written in 1939, Scelsi's 'Second Sonata' was premiered by Yvar Mikhashoff in London (1979). Marking a new compositional direction, Scelsi suspended thematic development and frequently introduced various kinds of repetitions: reiterated single tones, chords, and patterns, often suggesting the sounds of bells or Oriental gongs. Scelsi characterized 'Ttai' as 'a succession of episodes alternately expressing Time and Man, as symbolized by cathedrals or monasteries, with the sacred sound of Om'. Emphasizing the suite's calm, meditative and mysterious character, Scelsi wondered if this piece should be played at concerts at all, and advised in its preface: 'This suite should be listened to and played with the greatest inner calm. Nervous people stay away.' It features low contrasting musical material, repetitive elements, stationary tones and chords, and blurred sounds due to the frequent use of both pedals. The music manifests both constant flow and inertia, and since Scelsi rarely used bar-lines, it seems to unfold in an almost unrestrained manner."
Cat. number: mode 092
Year: 2007

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