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My Cat Is An Alien

The Secret of the Dancing Snow

Label: Ikuisuus

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Another voyage into the inky blackness with the cosmos-loving Italians and another gem. MCIAA have gone from making dronescapes that were merely beautiful to listen to (merely!) to vast vistas of sound that seem to exert an almost gravitational pull into their depths. This opens with Roberto Opalio's parched vocal trances and the calming ching of Oriental bells and builds into a soporific sea of echoing guitar notes with bells rippling through it like a warm wind. For some reason, the line from "Astronomy Domine" about "the blue you once knew" comes to mind. The sound then appears to collapse in on itself before ebbing into freefall. Divinely beautiful.

Cat. number: ikui 003
Year: 2006

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