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The Visitor - Excerpt 1
The Visitor - Excerpt 2
The Visitor - Excerpt 3
The Visitor - Excerpt 4

Franco Micalizzi

The Visitor (2 LP)

Label: Mondo

Format: 2 LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

* 2020 stock. 2 LP in deluxe gatefold jacket, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Limited edition pressed on black vinyl and randomly-inserted Sunburst vinyl * The film "Stridulum" (Aka "The Visitor") was directed in 1979 by Giulio Paradisi. Starring Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, John Huston, Franco Nero, Shelley Winters, Sam Peckinpah, Joanne Nail, Lance Henriksen, Paige Conner, Ja Townsend, Jack Dorsey, Hsio Ho Chao.

Franco Micalizzi has written one of the most beautiful scores of his entire career (and one of the favourites of the composer himself), where a main theme quoting ''Also sprach Zarathustra'' in the introduction then develops into a powerful and driving funky music piece that recalls so many famous police movie themes of this author, alternated with a romantic love theme, action music and dissonant symphonic-electronic atmospheres.

A proper rescue and preservation of the Italian Silver Age and of the music art of Franco Micalizzi.

Cat. number: MOND-023
Year: 2014