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File under: Western

Franco Micalizzi, Roberto Pregadio

Il Pistolero Dell'Ave Maria (LP)

* 2021 restock, killer price. Last copies * LP Gatefold 180 Gram + Poster. 500 hand numbered copies. Presented on vinyl for the first time, here's the awesome score of one of the most ambitious spaghetti westerns ever, 'The Forgotten Pistolero' a.k.a. 'Il Pistolero Dell'Ave Maria' from 1969 by the duo comprised of Roberto Pregadio and Franco Micalizzi. With a title like this, you can probably already feel the music – a dark toned take on the spaghetti western sound of the time – served up with the kind of brooding, haunting themes that provide a perfect backdrop for a man on a mission! Relatively spare and moody, it offers a unique blend of jazzy rhythms, western themes, electric guitar and whistling. Instrumentation is nicely compressed at points – driving passages lines that lurk around the bottom of subtle orchestrations – creating subtle-stepping drama without pushing things too far over the top

File under: Western
Cat. number: SP/L14
Year: 2017

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