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Franco Micalizzi

Napoli Violenta (Coloured Vinyl Edition)

Label: Spettro

Series: Soundtrack Series

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

First 200 on Red Transparent Viny. LP Gatefold 180 Gram + Poster. 500 hand numbered copies. The original soundtrack of the 1976 cult movie 'Napoli Violenta', composed by Maestro Franco Micalizzi, sees a deserved reissue. A classic 70s Italian crime soundtrack – presented here in full format for the first time ever, and filled with wonderful tunes in a variety of styles! There's a quality to the music that really matches the badass image on the front – a bold, forceful approach that has the upbeat numbers strutting along with plenty of pride – and which has the mellower, more brooding tracks working themes that are simple, but which pack the same force as the revolver on the cover. Franco Micalizzi uses some great keyboards throughout – often a bit light, with a style that's sometimes veering towards electric harpsichord, but other times in a more Goblin-like mode – almost horror-styled, especially when interwoven with acoustic piano. Tunes build up with force as the soundtrack rolls o

Cat. number: SP14
Year: 2017

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