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Chris Corsano

The Young Cricketer

Label: Family Vineyard

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Jazz

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The Young Cricketer is Chris Corsano's debut of Frankenstein-gamelan skin detail. It's a monster and a babe all wrapped under the guise of The Solo Drum Album. Corsano's flea-market kit of cast-iron pot lids, super-bouncy-balls on sticks, butter knives, and even a sax mouth-piece jammed-in-a-hose conjures a part rhythmic maelstrom, like a Milford Graves drip painting, and the sweet metallic ice drones of Tony Conrad and Keiji Haino rubbing sticks together until end days. Globally known for a dozen scorched-power jazz sessions with sax blower Paul Flaherty, ongoing work with Michael Flower, the Vampire Belt duo with Bill Nace and a cadre of collaborators (Jandek, Bjork, Jim O'Rourke, Dream-Aktion Unit, Death Unit, Dredd Foole, etc.), Corsano's drumming has leapt from post-hardcore explorations into outrageous, primeval and outright futuristic during his past 10 years of recorded documentation.This LP erases any notion of percussion's boundaries. It's a field recording of wire, skin, metal and soul -- not tunes for yr neighbor's bongo party. Originally issued on Corsano's own Hot Cars Warp label as a cdr, this LP is remastered and issued in a 600 edition.
Cat. number: FV51
Year: 2008
LP is a 600 edition and remastered. Recorded in Manchester England Feb 1-3, 06 (Except for side a track 2 recorded January sixth. Using drums, cymbals, baritone & alto saxophone mouthpeices with plastic tube and/or funnel, and/or shower attachment apparatus, pot lids, lamp base, scotch tape, violin-string-snare-drum contraption, bows, sticks, butter knives, and a superball on a stick, some distortion used on side B when mixing tracks 7 and especially 8, but other than that, no electronics either.

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