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File under: solo instrument

Lubomyr Melnyk

Three Solo Pieces

Label: Unseen Worlds

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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'Marginal Invitation', 'Corrosions on the Surface of Life', 'Cloud Passade No. 3'. Comprised of three balanced examples of his Continuous Music technique on solo piano, Three Solo Pieces serves as perhaps the best introduction the Ukrainian-Canadian composer Lubomyr Melnyk yet available. 'Marginal Invitation' is a subdued work with a deeply rooted melodic sensibility that is rich in overtones, while 'Corrosions on the Surface of Life' exhibits a dissonant fury of patterned note play. The final, side-length meditation 'Cloud Passade No. 3' is a chordal work in free-time which functions equally well as furniture music and a meditative exploration of pure light. Three Solo Pieces is the first set of new Lubomyr Melnyk recordings produced by Unseen Worlds and his first release for the label since the 2007 reissue of his debut album KMH: Piano Music in the Continuous Mode (1979). Following that reissue, efforts were shifted from record projects to bringing Melnyk's still-thriving Continuous Music alive for audiences with a set of memorable and well-received concerts in Seattle and New York in 2009. Since his popular rediscovery through a variety of releases on his own and other labels, as well as being hosted all over the world for concerts, Lubomyr Melnyk has successfully risen from obscurity and emerged as a welcome new entry in the history of contemporary classical music, as well as a vital performer for the 21st Century.

Cat. number: UW11
Year: 2013

A recording of Lubomyr Melnyk created in 2012 during his visit to Brooklyn. The LP is housed in a tip-on sleeve with download card for Lossless or Lossy Download.

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