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charlie morrow

Toot! (3CD set)
€ 22.00
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charlie morrow - Toot! (3CD set)

charlie morrow

Toot! (3CD set)

€ 22.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CDx3 | CATALOG N. xi 135 | YEAR. (2011)

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Composer/producer/shaman Charlie Morrow is equal parts Fluxus, Occupy Lincoln Center, Lakota mystic, and tech wizard. Charlie Morrow is a conceptualist whose music and sound work explores many styles and forms, from events for media and public spaces to commercial soundtracks, new media productions, museum installations and programming for broadcast and festivals. Assembling expert project groups, Morrow employs a collaborative style that fuses arts, artists, and environment. Charlie Morrow, for an artist who has been making music for over 50 years, has been vastly underrepresented on recordings. This 3 CD retrospective set attempts to rectify that situation to some degree. The 15 works on these discs span the years from 1957-2007 and include : Morrow's first major work, Very Slow Gabrieli, a super slow motion performance of G. Gabrieli's Sonata Pian e Forte for double brass ensemble; Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves, a beautiful polychromatic, almost tactile collage where chattering sparrows and mellifluous songbirds join the measured undulations of devotional voices. Brass rings out over cradles of bells, doves coo, gulls mew and the wash of the tide ushers in the late Medieval intricacies of dulcimer, recorder and viol. You can experience the sound made by herds of instruments through the two instances of Wave Music included in this set. As well as environmental works, chanting pieces, audio collages, and so much more.' label info

'CD 1: Central Park 1850; Breath Chant; Windsong; Very Slow Gabrieli; Marilyn Monroe Collage; Late Afternoon Chant. CD 2: Central Park 2007; Chorale Bounce 1; Chorale Bounce 2; Wave Music for 30 Harps; Wave Music for 40 Cellos; Toot 'n' Blink Chicago; A Future Harvest. CD 3: Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves; Feather.

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